Competitive Baseball at it's Finest Level

Our #1 Goal... Personal Excellence
Offering baseball players the opportunity to achieve their personal level of baseball excellence through a combination of coaching, physical training and mental preparation.

Baseball's a game that requires an enormou
s amount of skill and finding somewhere to obtain that skill is almost as difficult as the game itself.

If you are committed to putting in the time, energy and effort necessary to be a top baseball player, then you have what it takes to wear the Titans' uniform.

Titan Players are Different than Most

Every season players walk onto baseball diamonds wanting to be good players. But only a tiny fraction of those players have what it takes to wear the Titans' uniform. Titans players represent the pinnacle of the sport because they possess the 3 Keys to Baseball Success, dedication, hard work and commitment. These are the principles every great player possess, these are the requirements to call yourself a Titan.

If you have what it takes to be a Titan. If you have a burning desire to be the best, you need to explore the Connecticut Titans or prepare yourself to be disappointed.

To learn more about the opportunity to play Titans baseball please fill out the form on our contact us page.


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